Denying Climate Change is Not an Option

There’s a great deal of talk about the environment. While some people think there’s a debate about climate change, scientists are completely in agreement that climate change is real, man-made, and a serious threat to people everywhere.

In Maryland, we work to protect the Chesapeake Bay when it is in our economic interests. But we have more miles of coastline than any other state. Denying climate change is not an option.

I propose the following steps be taken to reduce and mitigate the effects of climate change and further repair the environmental damage:

  1. We will further cut greenhouse gas emissions. Statewide, roughly 60% of our energy comes from greenhouse gas-producing coal and natural gas. We must create a plan to eliminate this.
  2. We must implement a carbon tax. This revenue from this tax must be used to mitigate the effects of rising sea levels. Homes, businesses, and vital economic infrastructure lie within a couple of feet of sea level. These must be protected.
  3. We must ensure the safety of the Bay. Nutrient-rich runoff encourages destructive and potentially deadly algae blooms in the Chesapeake Bay. We have to make sure dangerous runoff is stopped at the source.
  4. We must implement flood protection to reduce the risk of more powerful storms. Whether tropical or land-based storms, rainfall is increasing and flash floods becoming more common. Flood protection will save lives.

In some areas, Maryland can be a leader. In the environment, Maryland has no choice. It’s lead or lose. I choose to lead.

The Chesapeake Bay -- Denying climate change is not an option.
The Chesapeake Bay — Denying climate change is not an option.