Our Diversity is Our Strength

I have had a lifetime of experiences that have enriched my life through my exposure to diversity in all its forms: race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, ability, and thought. Under the First Amendment to the Constitution, we are all guaranteed the freedom of expression, among many other freedoms. I strongly believe that this guarantee extends to the freedom to pursue our life’s dreams, free from the threat of criminal prosecution or civil penalty. Further, everyone is guaranteed equal access to opportunities to succeed in life. As State Delegate, I will:

  1. Ensure full legal protections for ALL residents of District 12 and Maryland;
  2. Partner with educational institutions, the nonprofit community, the faith community, and others on furthering the positive message of diversity and inclusion across the state;
  3. Work with state and local economic development authorities on providing low-dollar financing opportunities to allow for the development of small businesses, and work with state agencies to lower the barriers for new businesses to form and grow;
  4. Encourage multicultural and diversity education and training in all areas, from the training of State employees to establishing a multicultural education requirement for high school graduation; and
  5. Bringing success stories from District 12 to light through my communications with constituents. My travels through the District have brought many wonderful stories to light. We hear way too much about the bad, and not nearly enough about the good.

We all want the same things for our community: safety, security, opportunity, and justice. As your Delegate, I will work hard to make sure these are in place for all its residents.