The Maryland Business Climate Can Expand to Encompass Everyone

Maryland has a long-running reputation for being anti-business. But our state is in the top fifth of states by GDP per capita, beating the national average by roughly 10 percent every year for the last 10 years. Our only real competitor for business for Virginia, whom we beat in terms of overall climate. But these advantages are felt mostly by large businesses, many of them multinational or with headquarters outside of the state. Much more can be done to make Maryland’s business climate more friendly to aspiring and new business owners. As your State Delegate, I will work to:

  1. Cut the filing costs for small and family-owned business. For many small and startup operations, an annual $300 filing fee is enough to harm profits each year.
  2. Cut the red tape and make it easier to get started. Unnecessary and harmful regulations can be lifted to increase opportunity.
  3. Have basic business skills taught in our schools because basic business skills are basic life skills. From writing a memo to modeling a loan, our students must be able to do this to enter a competitive market.
  4. Encourage our community colleges and universities to partner with business to develop new technology together to respond to needs before they are realized.

Maryland is business friendly–to big businesses with the money and influence to get what they want. That’s not good enough. Maryland must be business friendly with a level playing field so small businesspeople and entrepreneurs can succeed.