Our Farms Provide for Our Most Basic Needs and They Can Work for All

The harvesting of our natural resources provides thousands of jobs in our state and food for millions of Marylanders. Without these essential businesses, Maryland could not exist. Together, we can build an agricultural environment in everyone that can benefit all. As your State Delegate, I will work to:

  1. Protect the environment which in turn, protects our farms. Climate change is a risk to our farms today, as invasive, crop-damaging species move north with warming temperatures. And without access to clean and safe water and a reliable and predictable weather pattern, our farms cannot exist;
  2. Preserve the Chesapeake. The harvest from the Chesapeake Bay is again in a dangerous place, especially with respect to the oyster harvest. The Bay is a very delicate ecosystem and we must take actions now that will benefit in the long-term, such as establishing more artificial reefs to help increase the oyster population;
  3. Encourage farmers to adopt sustainable and practical practices. As part of the trend toward “organic” foods, we have seen many business- and profit-friendly practices move forward. We must make these easier to access and practice; and
  4. Partner with our state’s agriculture industry to help ensure no Marylander goes hungry. We have to connect our farms with food deserts in Baltimore and elsewhere in the state. Together, we can make sure our farms provide nutritious and healthy food for all Marylanders.

From tomatoes, peaches, and corn to crabs, chicken,s and cattle, our agriculture industry provides food and recreation. Protecting our resources ensures enjoyment by all for many years to come.