Maryland has the Greatest Healthcare Systems in the World, Everyone Deserves Access

Here in Maryland, we are fortunate to have not one but two world-class healthcare systems grounded in cutting-edge research and compassionate care for patients. And while the Affordable Care Act has given many more people access to these systems, the current administration is trying to tear that up. This isn’t our way.

I will support a broad plan designed to increase access to healthcare for all and ensure that health protections are secured for everyone.

  1. Permanently prevent any work requirements for CHIP or other Medicaid recipients, especially those protecting children.
  2. Improve nutritional and physical activity standards in schools across the state. In addition to protecting our children’s health, proper nutrition and heart health encourage better school performance.
  3. Require that all families claiming a religious exemption present an affidavit of required vaccine refusal from their religious leader in a recognized religious institution.
  4. Allow all Marylanders to buy into the Medicaid managed care organization. “Medicaid for Maryland” will ensure access to health care that’s always there.

Together, we can protect each other and stop the Federal government from cutting holes in the social safety net.