Government can be good, if we make it

Good government has become a mantra, but it is something we can do together. We can ensure that the tools we create today, such as universities, subways, and other big-ticket items are managed responsibly and for the benefit of all Marylanders. To protect our government, I will support the following:

  1. Our election system and voting machines are insecure. We must make sure that the processes and vote are secured against tampering.
  2. A constitutional amendment to draw Congressional districts and state legislative districts by an independent commission subject to standards for fairness and equity. It is unconscionable that our state is the test case against gerrymandering.
  3. Public financing of elections to increase access to the political sphere to all.
  4. Prohibitions on awarding contracts to telecommunications companies not practicing net neutrality.
  5. Outsourcing only when it is best for providing service to Marylanders, and not to absolve the government of its responsibilities to its citizens.

Government can work for all of us if we cut out the special interests, especially the politicians.