I am James Howard and I live in the Village of Long Reach in Columbia with my wife Nina and our two children, Chase and Beatrix. Chase is 8 and like all 8-year olds, he loves Pokémon, and he’s got me hooked. A couple weekends a month, we go out and play together. Beatrix is 5 and she has just started reading. Our new favorite thing to do is read together. Nina and I prioritize bringing our children up in a place defined by respect for self, respect for each other, and respect for the world around us.  My family’s values are important to me as I’m sure they are to you too.

During the day, I work at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel. In between solving math problems, I try to keep a palm tree alive in my office. I have also taught for several universities, but everyone knows me as a math professor. I have taught developmental and introductory math courses to just over a thousand students over the years. Sharing the power of math in the real world is my proudest accomplishment.